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Tips to choose the right athletic shoes!

June 27, 2012 Leave a comment

The shoes that you wear while exercising does not only help look good, but take care of your feet as well. So to make your physical sessions more rewarding, choose the right pair of sport shoes. I have brought some tips for you to make a wise choice, while selecting your sports footwear. Here they are:

1)     Ask experts if you are new to the sports. Take advice from your fitness trainer or the sports shoe dealer as they better know about the right sport shoes for the particular activity.

2)     Ensure that the shoes you choose would help maximize your performance. As every activity requires a unique pair of footwear, you must know which footwear to select to support your performance. For instance, walking shoes are a little harder to support your walk over any kind of surface. On the other hand, running shoes need to be light as your feet should stay relaxed while sprinting.

3)     Knowing your foot type would help take you a better decision. So, try to find your foot type and choose your shoes accordingly.

4)     Replace your old shoes with a new pair after every six months, if you wear them regularly for several days a week as with constant use, shoes worn out readily.

5)     The biggest factor that should not be overlooked is the comfort. You should feel comfortable while wearing your sports shoes otherwise your performance would get affected.

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Wanna add woodland heels to my wardrobe!

June 22, 2012 Leave a comment

I wish, one day I will add the woodland collection to my wardrobe. Well, I am fond of woodland shoes, but this brand is out of my reach as I just started earning. I like woodland heel a lot, one of my friends suggested me to buy it from online store as these stores offer various promotional offers like sign up discount coupon, deal of the day, etc. So, I can avail these benefits for purchasing my pair of woodland shoes. Well, I got really excited and thought of checking the online stores over the weekend. ImageImage

I was desperately waiting for the weekend to come, after waiting for a good 3 days, now the weekend is here. I was the Friday night, after reaching having dinner, I thought of explore the online store to buy a pair of woodland shoes for myself. I goggled for some good online stores, and got a list of n number of stores. I opened all the websites in different tabs, and started searching for woodland shoes. But, I was really surprised to see that all the stores have an exciting collection from almost all the big and leading brands. But, they don’t have a woodland collection; I just found one basic flat belly everywhere. They all have just one design and style for women shoes. Woodland shoes price is really high and it’s hard to find classy woodland shoes in India.  Well, I think online stores should add some exciting pair of woodland shoes in their shoe collection. I was really depressed, now I am looking for the yearly woodland sale. Hope will find something!

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Sporty footwear range from Lee Cooper!

June 21, 2012 Leave a comment

No one can deny the importance of sports shoes in his or her life. Whether you engage in intense sports or perform simple jogging or running activities to keep yourself in shape, a right pair of sports footwear is essential to make these activities more rewarding. Sometime back, I was also on the hunt to find the gentle pair of joggers to indulge in the fitness regime. I visited many stores and tried out footwear from some top shoe manufacturers, but the latest range of sports footwear from Lee cooper got my attention.

Lee cooper, being one of the undisputed leader in presenting formal and dress footwear has initiated an exclusive range of sporty stuff. I pick one of the durable and flexible pair of Lee cooper shoes and got overwhelmed by the ultra comfort, sharp optics, fine quality, and innovative design pattern. I felt so nice while wearing that pair of joggers that I took no time to purchase it.Well, when I put my feet into that exclusive pair, I realize that my decision to purchase that pair of innovative joggers was perfect. The light material, sturdy base, and fine grip helped make jogging an enjoyable fitness regime for me.

If you are also searching a right pair of sports shoes for delivering excellent results, have a look at the wide assortment that Lee cooper has launched in the domestic market. Also, try out the sporty sandals and flip flops from this reputed brand. You’ll definitely get amazed by the innovative designs and smart patterns that this brand has brought, like I got amazed. Believe me,you are going to enjoy every step in these trendy footwear’s. Make your fitness regime more rewarding while getting an exact pair of sports footwear for yourself.Image

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Picked a Pair of Rockport Shoe for My Dad

June 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Now-a-days, even men formal shoes are coming up with the classic look. From long boots to dress shoes, you can find the widest range of selection for all. Earlier, formal shoes for men was restricted to basic colors like black and brown as well as boring shapes, and basic designs. But now, there are hundreds and thousands of options available for men’s shoes as well.

This year, I was looking for nice and classic footwear for my dad. Due to my busy work schedule, I was not getting time to go for shopping. A week before the Father’s day, I got an email in my Inbox from one of the leading online stores they were promoting a campaign which was specially introduced for the occasion of father’s day. I am not a regular online shopper, and even don’t prefer to shop online. But, I was really surprised to see their formal shoe collection; they have all the classic colors and designs. Moreover, I got all the leading shoe labels at one place; there was a shoe from Valentino, Red Tape, Code, Enroute, Metro, and not able to recall the other names.

The navigation through that website was very simple and easy. The best part what I liked most about the site navigation was the search option; they have incorporated the filter for almost all the options like shoe size, color, brand, shoe material, and even a sale. From the sale option I brought a pair of Image.

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Adidas Shoes- My Favorite Sports Shoe Brand

June 15, 2012 Leave a comment

I am the best batsman of my college cricket team, and all my college friends follow my style for sportswear. They love to carry the same t-shirt, track pant, and sports shoe that I wear while playing. I also play tennis and basket, and most of the time while playing I wear casual wear from Adidas only. You can find me wearing T-shirt, track pant, socks, shoes, and even a wrist band of Adidas. Like any other brand, they produce sports shoes for all sports, be it tennis, cricket, football, basketball, or even for gyming.

The best thing I like at an Adidas online store is ‘design your own shoe’, here I get a chance to design my shoe and make my own style statement even for shoes. You can also try it and wear a custom made shoe designed by you. They understand the art of walking and running technology and developed sports that appeal to that art. That is why, their sports gears are very comfortable yet trendy. For me they have the sportswear collection that is best in quality, price, and design. I personally found their adiZero and Adizine series best among all the products.

Well, all the people in my immediate circle know that I my fond of Adidas shoes and sportswear. Sometimes, they call me the brand ambassador of Adidas. For sporting apparels my favorite brand is Adidas.Image

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Sky is the limit for basketball players!

June 5, 2012 2 comments

I just love the game of basketball and what makes me crazy about it is the enthusiasm and energy that one needs to become a winner. Those four quarters of 20 minutes that makes the game of basketball, leads to exciting moments of entertainment and nervousness. And, the players who actually make the game an interesting tussle should be given the due credit. But, there are some supporting gears without which these players cannot push the ball into the basket and would not be able to take high jumps to convert a lay-up shot into a goal. So what are they? Well, the prerequisites are many but one of the most important of them is their basketball shoes.

Yes, like every other sport or physical activity, this intense sport also requires a perfect pair of shoes for every player! No basketball player could do without the right kind of footwear. Understanding the hardship of this very game, many famous shoe manufacturers have come up with some tailor-made designs in shoes. Breathable material and fine grip shoes from Adidas, Fila, and Reebok makes a right choice for all sportsmen, especially for basketball players. Try their exclusive collection and buy the best one!

Before buying the right pair of basketball shoes, one must look for features, compare the prices, and then select the best of them. Modified designs and right comfort help make your sports sessions more rewarding. You should have a close look and try a pair before finalizing it. Walk a little and see if you feel comfortable in it. Rigorous game sessions cannot be made more rewarding without a right pair of footwear. Execute your game well with fine quality shoes. So, make a right decision for improving your performance in every game you participate.

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Workplace dress code

June 4, 2012 1 comment

Most of the organizations do not implement a strict uniform, as they believe that you are mature enough to have an understanding about what you should wear and what you should not. But many a times, you can see people coming to office in informal tees and casual shoes. A dress makes an impression and this should be kept in mind whenever you get ready for your office. So, do follow some basic rules while dressing up for your workplace. For your help, I have listed some basic guidelines:

Try to minimize wearing casual attires in your workplace. Even if you don’t want to wear a formal shirt or trouser, you can go for casual business suits.  Women should avoid wearing deep necklines as they are one of the possible causes of distraction for male colleagues.

  • Try to wear neutral and muted shades. Don’t go for bright colored clothes as they are considered informal. Always try to wear colors that leave a suave impression.
  •  Accessories should be minimized while dressing for the workplace, but even if you want to wear some of them, ensure that they go well with your formal attire. Men can wear soft colored ties and leather belts.
  • Footwear for office should be perfectly right. Men should wear smart, nice, and polished shoes. Ladies should also wear comfortable and formal shoe pairs for an increased productivity. Avoid heels, if you can’t walk in them properly.
  • Make up should be done in a way that it looks gentle. If possible, try to minimize wearing makeup and keep it to soft colors.

Getting ready for the office does not mean that you should look boring and dull. No, you have many interesting options in formal wears, as well! Keeping your dress right is just to maintain the decorum of the workplace, which your employer expects from you. But, you can always go in your casual attires and casual shoes on Fridays. Dress to your best to leave a good impression on your colleagues and boss.

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