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Wanna add woodland heels to my wardrobe!

I wish, one day I will add the woodland collection to my wardrobe. Well, I am fond of woodland shoes, but this brand is out of my reach as I just started earning. I like woodland heel a lot, one of my friends suggested me to buy it from online store as these stores offer various promotional offers like sign up discount coupon, deal of the day, etc. So, I can avail these benefits for purchasing my pair of woodland shoes. Well, I got really excited and thought of checking the online stores over the weekend. ImageImage

I was desperately waiting for the weekend to come, after waiting for a good 3 days, now the weekend is here. I was the Friday night, after reaching having dinner, I thought of explore the online store to buy a pair of woodland shoes for myself. I goggled for some good online stores, and got a list of n number of stores. I opened all the websites in different tabs, and started searching for woodland shoes. But, I was really surprised to see that all the stores have an exciting collection from almost all the big and leading brands. But, they don’t have a woodland collection; I just found one basic flat belly everywhere. They all have just one design and style for women shoes. Woodland shoes price is really high and it’s hard to find classy woodland shoes in India.  Well, I think online stores should add some exciting pair of woodland shoes in their shoe collection. I was really depressed, now I am looking for the yearly woodland sale. Hope will find something!

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