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Shopping for me is just another hang out!

I wonder how people come back home empty handed when they go out to hang out. I love to hang out which indirectly means that I love to shop. It would be a rare case that I come back home with candies and chocolates, and nothing materialistic. I remember that one instance when I went out to do ‘so-called’ trekking organized by a five star hotel. Fortunately, we are a member of the club that operates from that hotel. The club organizes a lot of activities for its members and that was the one weekend when they built up an artificial rock structure for all the members to experience trekking. I was really excited, I packed my bag and my husband’s and reached the place. Everything was going smooth and we were waiting for our turn, since there were more people who wished to climb the structure.

Our chance was about to come when I checked that I by mistake got my daughter’s sneakers rather than mine (we both had same sneakers in different sizes). I called myself a fool to have made such a blunder mistake. Then what, I started to eat my husband’s head to find some way out. It quickly struck my mind to check out that mall near the hotel. It was 11 and the weather was amazing, we quickly drove to that mall and searched the sports brands to buy sneakers. Puma had its store in the starting, I dashed into the store and picked an orange Puma sneakers. Finally, we rushed to the place and did the trekking. Thus, shopping is a common affair when it comes to me.

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