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What girls notice, guys should know!

September 28, 2012 Leave a comment

What brand do you wear in shoes? Why did you choose your current brand only and why not some other? I would like to have your replies to these questions in the comments below.

Men are fond of buying shoes, and I think it is something good as well. Girls like to get associated with those men who are well dressed, and especially who wear good quality, clean, and tidy shoes. You do not have to buy something expensive or high-end to please them, but something which is acceptable, formal, and neat. A man looks at his best when he is dressed and behaves according to his age. No girl would like to go out with a guy who is wearing shabby, highly low-waist jeans and some unwanted accessories around his neck and wrist. Guys must understand the fact that you need to get mature when you start to work and you should no longer act like kids.

Converse is the brand which you wear for your casual outing and not for parties. Lee Copper shoes are best for formal and semi-formal occasions. For sportswear you can check out Nike and Puma. A few men take utmost care about the kind of shoes they wear, and the occasion. Follow these steps –

–          Wear the shoes matching to your belt

–          Your socks should match the color of your trousers

–          Always clean your shoes before leaving home

These small steps would always help you to dress smartly and avoid any faux pas.


Tone your legs while walking or running with Reebok shoes!

September 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Shoes in earlier times were worn to protect foot from injuries while walking or running. However these days, shoe manufacturers are designing the high-technology shoes to help you get the desired results together with protecting your foot from injuries. There has been a long debate among the shoe manufacturers to design footwear that can help tone legs. And you would be happy to know that Reebok has presented a special range of shoes specially designed to help you in toning your legs. However, one cannot expect toned legs just by wearing shoes. One has to change his or her lifestyle as well to get curvaceous legs. Shoes can only help you promote toning your legs. Here are some specially designed shoes from the house of Reebok that would help in toning your legs:

Reebok Easy Tone Flash for women: These lightweight shoes are meant for everyday activities. For more breath ability, these shoes come with light upper mesh. These shoes feature a removable antibacterial sock liner.

Reebok Run Tone Action for men: This footwear is meant to provide an overall support to your foot while you run, walk, or work out.

These are some common toning shoes from one of the world’s best footwear and sportswear brand—Reebok. So if you are looking for something that is more than just foot covers, try these shoes. But as I said earlier, you won’t be able to get toned legs alone with shoes; you need to engage yourself in physical activities in which these shoes can help you perform better.

What is the difference between a sandal and a flip-flop?

September 24, 2012 Leave a comment

 Flip-flop and sandals are two different forms of the footwear. Some people won’t be able to distinguish both of them and consider as one. Though, it’s just a fine line that symbols the dissimilarity between a flip flop and a sandal. Moreover, a flip flop is a more casual, less stylish shoe that people wear to the beach or to carry the trendy and cool look, while a sandal can be found adorning the feet of a woman and man in all places from the office to taking the children to school. There are many other factors that make tell you the difference between these two forms of the footwear, they are material, heel height, styles, etc.

Basically, the flip flop has a rubber-base, but, now available in other materials as well, such as plastic, leather and wood. On the other hand, sandals don’t have rubber base. Another factor is flip-flop doesn’t not include heel, while the sandal comes in various types and height of heels. Nike flip flop is loved and worn by most of the people who prefer sporty look. We can say that flip-flop is perfect for those who like trendy, cool and sporty appearance. Flip flop is just the right choice when going to the beach, for shopping or any other casual occasion. On the other hand, most of the men and women prefer wearing sandals to the office or any other formal occasions.

How to identify the authenticity of the Nike shoes?

September 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Nike shoes are famous all around the world and recognized by familiar “swoosh” symbol and the “Just Do It” promotional slogan. This brand is also endorsed by high profile and legendary athletes associated with different game. Nike shoes are very popular and some styles are quite expensive as well. Because of the popularity and the care of this brand among people, there are many fraudsters in the marketplace that try to dupe people by selling fake Nike shoes. It will be ideal, if you visit trusted retail stores or buy Nike shoes online. There are many renowned retail stores as well as online stores that prove genuine Nike shoes. Actually, the brand has collaborated with retail and online shops; they showcase genuine products at their stores.

With a vigilant eye, you can easily distinguish which one is a real shoe or which one is a fake one. To recognize any brand, the best way is its symbol, so make sure the exact logo or symbol should be there in the shoe. Then, check the quality, the brand held to the highest quality standards. Basically, this brand makes use of high quality leather, so, check the material, finishing, and other basic details. Check for the softness, if the shoes are hard and sniff, it can be the fake one. Nike shoes are very flexible, soft and durable. Moreover, another factor is Phylon mid-sole; the mid-sole should be very soft and flexible. If the midsole is not soft enough and don’t bounce back speedily, the shoes may cab ne fake.

People In Metropolitans Prefer Online Shopping!

September 20, 2012 Leave a comment

In metropolitan cities, life is very busy like Delhi, Mumbai, etc. Most of the time, we spend in the traveling and at the office only. And, the majority of the people spend at least 4 hours daily just in the traveling. Even, the roads are so jam-packed they frustrated because of the traveling part and a few of them prefer not to go out on the weekends for shopping, etc. Most of the people in metropolitan cities prefer to shop online as from the convenience of home, they shop at any time.During the whole week, they get so tired and don’t have energy as well as patience to stand in long billing queues and wait for the parking. They want to avoid such things at least an on weekend, which is why, the majority of the flocks prefer to visit online shopping malls.

Online shopping in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and many other metropolitan cities, is in the trend. Be it apparel, footwear, jewellery, home accessories, home utility and appliances, gadgets, or any other item you will get all at one place. Online shopping is the easiest and convenient way; the best part is no need to pay for the shipping cost as well. So, you can also say it’s also one of the best ways to save fuel and parking expenses. Be it, Enroute women shoes, Tommy Hilfiger watches, or any other fashion essentials, people can get all at the best price.

Lotto shoes: My pick while gyming or playing tennis!

September 19, 2012 Leave a comment

I am a person, who is obsessed with branded footwear. There are many brands that I prefer to wear; some of them are Lotto, Reebok, Allen Copper, Clarks, Converse, and Hush Puppies. I prefer wearing trendy converse shoes for casual outings; opt for Clark and Allen Copper footwear for formal meetings. But, while gyming and playing tennis, I prefer to wear Nike or Lotto shoes. Among all the footwear brands, my most preferred brand is Lotto. Here, I will you give a brief information about one of favorite footwear brand. Basically, Lotto is a famous Italian sports lifestyle brand that came into existence in the year 1973 as a footwear manufacturing company for the game Tennis. Now, the brand has a wide range of selection for sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, etc. The brand has sponsored a number of sports events for games like soccer and tennis. The logo of this brand is also inspired of sports.

The brand always gives attention to the quality as well innovative designs. I personally like this brand for its innovative designs and a huge assortment. Lotto shoes are rich with technology, design, and an Italian touch. The brand emphases on dynamism, novelty, worth, passion and an effective customer service program. Apart from shoes, this brand also makes watches, bags, casual wear, slippers and floaters. Like any other brand, this brand is also available on many online stores. Usually, I prefer to shop online!

Loafers are perfect for professional as well as casual settings!

September 14, 2012 Leave a comment

Just like other fashion essentials, shoes are also important to get the perfect look. Therefore, there are a variety of shoes available for men to choose for different occasions. One can attaina desired look with the perfect shoes designed for the specific event. Earlier, shoes were classified into two categories namely formal and casual shoes. But at present, there are enough choices available for men. Some shoes are blends of formals and casual footwear, while others are completely fresh designs.

Different types of casual shoes can now be worn at formal events as well. For example, moccasins and loafers have become quite common in professional settings as compared to earlier days when only Oxford shoes were worn at work. Loafers are actually the most popular casual shoes that are worn by the young generation these days. When one wants to take a break from his regular dress shoes, loafers or I should say slip-on are a good choice. These comfortable yet stylish shoes were first introduced by Norwegians. These shoes come in various materials, but leather loafers are more popular than others.

You can shop for loafers online, as all popular brands have their online stores. These e-stores offer different types of loafer shoes to cater the fashion needs of all men. Whether you’re looking for penny loafers or any other types, you’ll get every style right at these e-stores. These shoes come in different colors so that everyone can choose something for himself. Select your fit and color to stay comfortable and look stylish like ever.