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How to identify the authenticity of the Nike shoes?

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Nike shoes are famous all around the world and recognized by familiar “swoosh” symbol and the “Just Do It” promotional slogan. This brand is also endorsed by high profile and legendary athletes associated with different game. Nike shoes are very popular and some styles are quite expensive as well. Because of the popularity and the care of this brand among people, there are many fraudsters in the marketplace that try to dupe people by selling fake Nike shoes. It will be ideal, if you visit trusted retail stores or buy Nike shoes online. There are many renowned retail stores as well as online stores that prove genuine Nike shoes. Actually, the brand has collaborated with retail and online shops; they showcase genuine products at their stores.

With a vigilant eye, you can easily distinguish which one is a real shoe or which one is a fake one. To recognize any brand, the best way is its symbol, so make sure the exact logo or symbol should be there in the shoe. Then, check the quality, the brand held to the highest quality standards. Basically, this brand makes use of high quality leather, so, check the material, finishing, and other basic details. Check for the softness, if the shoes are hard and sniff, it can be the fake one. Nike shoes are very flexible, soft and durable. Moreover, another factor is Phylon mid-sole; the mid-sole should be very soft and flexible. If the midsole is not soft enough and don’t bounce back speedily, the shoes may cab ne fake.

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