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What is the difference between a sandal and a flip-flop?

September 24, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

 Flip-flop and sandals are two different forms of the footwear. Some people won’t be able to distinguish both of them and consider as one. Though, it’s just a fine line that symbols the dissimilarity between a flip flop and a sandal. Moreover, a flip flop is a more casual, less stylish shoe that people wear to the beach or to carry the trendy and cool look, while a sandal can be found adorning the feet of a woman and man in all places from the office to taking the children to school. There are many other factors that make tell you the difference between these two forms of the footwear, they are material, heel height, styles, etc.

Basically, the flip flop has a rubber-base, but, now available in other materials as well, such as plastic, leather and wood. On the other hand, sandals don’t have rubber base. Another factor is flip-flop doesn’t not include heel, while the sandal comes in various types and height of heels. Nike flip flop is loved and worn by most of the people who prefer sporty look. We can say that flip-flop is perfect for those who like trendy, cool and sporty appearance. Flip flop is just the right choice when going to the beach, for shopping or any other casual occasion. On the other hand, most of the men and women prefer wearing sandals to the office or any other formal occasions.

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