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What girls notice, guys should know!

September 28, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

What brand do you wear in shoes? Why did you choose your current brand only and why not some other? I would like to have your replies to these questions in the comments below.

Men are fond of buying shoes, and I think it is something good as well. Girls like to get associated with those men who are well dressed, and especially who wear good quality, clean, and tidy shoes. You do not have to buy something expensive or high-end to please them, but something which is acceptable, formal, and neat. A man looks at his best when he is dressed and behaves according to his age. No girl would like to go out with a guy who is wearing shabby, highly low-waist jeans and some unwanted accessories around his neck and wrist. Guys must understand the fact that you need to get mature when you start to work and you should no longer act like kids.

Converse is the brand which you wear for your casual outing and not for parties. Lee Copper shoes are best for formal and semi-formal occasions. For sportswear you can check out Nike and Puma. A few men take utmost care about the kind of shoes they wear, and the occasion. Follow these steps –

–          Wear the shoes matching to your belt

–          Your socks should match the color of your trousers

–          Always clean your shoes before leaving home

These small steps would always help you to dress smartly and avoid any faux pas.

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