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The world famous sports brand – Adidas!

October 30, 2012 Leave a comment

Adidas is one of the finest sports brands that any professional player or an amateur can look for shoes, sports equipment, and more. This is the brand which has brought a new change to the sportsperson. Adidas India has an amazing range of products for men, women, and kids. For example you would find shoes, clothing, and other specific sports equipment for different sports like basketball, football, golf, outdoor, running, tennis, and training. It is one of my favorite brands as well not just because it is popular but because of the satisfaction you get when you wear the products manufactured by the brand. Go to any Adidas store in India, you would feel great about entering the store as the staff is very friendly, they have been trained to help you and me in a way that we pick the apt product and always remain brand loyal. Coming on to the collection, trust me, it is amazing. The color combinations, the styling, the detailing, and the comfort, all are just marvelous. Some of the shoes are so light that you do not feel that you are wearing sports shoes. If you have not bought Adidas shoes, or clothes, or accessories, then I must request you to do so immediately. Their collection in everything is mind-blowing. You can check out online stores or their factory outlets to enjoy some good discounts on the MRP, otherwise you can check out their retail store as you would get to see a wider collection there.


Shopping for Diwali

October 29, 2012 Leave a comment

I had been looking for a pair of nice slippers for some weeks. I went into many stores and came out empty handed. I checked many international brands. Some were too expensive, some way to stylish and others so unattractive. Few of them even felt quite uncomfortable when I tried them. I like to wear ethnic dresses like kurtis, salwar suits and sarees. Slippers go well with these kinds of women’s apparels. One can also wear flat heels and designer footwear for women with jeans or skirt. Slippers are an obvious and stylish choice. After running from shop to shop, however, I could not decide on anything. Most importantly, since I keep buying women’s slippers every month, I wanted something which is offered at a reasonable price so that my budget does not fall apart. Perplexed over not having purchased slippers this month yet and Diwali almost two weeks away, I wanted a pair sooner. I called my best friend, which I usually do as whenever I get stuck. She told me that she had just ordered two pairs of Bata slippers for women two days back, from an online shopping portal. She said she liked them as much as her daughter did. I asked for the website link and instantly went on my computer. There were nice and affordable pairs of Bata slippers available for the Diwali season. I was glad. I ordered my choicest pair and started thinking about the next item on my wishlist.

Wash Sneakers in washing machine!

October 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Sneakers are one of the most comfortable forms of footwear, every girl who wants to carry a trendy and hip look, prefer wearing them. You will notice many women wearing sneakers while shopping, gyming, jogging or performing any other high impact activities.  Do you have a pair of sneakers? Do you wash them after every few days or not?  Your shoes, too, should be washed regularly to keep them looking new and shining. It’s not that difficult to wash or clean running shoes, you can easily wash them in the washing g machine. But, make sure you use the quality cleansing agent and follow the right procedure. Moreover before putting them in the washing machine, remove the laces. You can wash them separately, but avoid washing it with the shies.

Be it Fila Sneakers for women or Puma sneakers, you can easily wash them in the washing machine by using normal detergent or dishwashing cleaners. Now, there is no need to wear the dirty sneakers anymore or get the new pair if your shoes smell like anything! Just put them in the washing machine and wash them properly! Almost all the canvas sports shoes can be washed in the washing machine. But, if you have a suede or leather sneakers then you need a leather polish or soft cloth. After every wear wipe your suede shoes with the cloth and use leather polish on leather shoes!

Catwalk slippers and a party dress!

October 23, 2012 Leave a comment

It is my best friend’s wedding next week. I had been waiting for this day to come sooner as I get very excited about marriages any time. It feels like the most important day in any girl’s life and so I am on cloud nine thinking that my best friend is soon going to be a wife. Out of all this excitement, I have been checking things on my shopping list for many times a day. In fact, just yesterday I ordered a nice designer dress to wear on the occasion. It is beautiful red party dress which I just fell in love with, as soon as I set my eyes on it while browsing for latest women’s dresses online. I have also ordered two pairs of catwalk slippers, as I found them so irresistible. Catwalk has always been my favorite women’s footwear brand. Their range of women’s slippers is simply amazing with loads of designs and styles to choose from. Not just slippers, Catwalk also offers sandals, heels, shoes, boots, slip ons and thongs. With two types of footwear collection – Casual and Evening – Catwalk packs a great punch with a lot of style and class by offering a wide variety of women’s footwear for almost any occasion. With the two new pairs of Catwalk slippers, the collection of my footwear adds up to eighteen pairs, all unique and chic, nonetheless. With the affordability that catwalk offers, I might happen to purchase just dozens of footwear for myself over the time.

Boys love for sports shoes!

October 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Guys just love sports and this is something we all know. Some love to watch, others like to play. For some, Formula one races shoots the adrenaline gush and for the rest of the guys cricket and football. Each and every guy has a soft corner for a particular sport. Each and every person has its different style to show his love for the sport. But, something that is common among all the boys is the love of sports shoes. Yes! Even if a guy does not follow any sport, but are sure to find a nice sports shoes in his closet. Fila shoes for men are quite an impressive catch. They are stylish and are liked my most of the guys. There are other more brands also that you might like to check out, for instance Adidas, Reebok, and Puma. These are some of the brands that are quite popular among the guys. The quality and variety of shoes these brands have is quite commendable.

My brother recently purchased a Fila shoe. Well, let me tell you something about this, he actually did not want to buy it, but eventually he bought it. We had gone shopping to a nearby store to check out some new stock, there he liked this shoe from Fila, but we did not buy it as it was crossing our budget. Next day, I found that shoe at an online store, but it was of the same price, however we still managed to get a good discount. They had a sign up discount, so I quickly made an account and finally the Fila shoes are here!

Look stylish and cool in canvas shoes!

October 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Canvas shoes are the hot selling shoes in the Indian market. You know that the world is moving at a faster pace and competition is everywhere. You have to run around so much for your college work. I remember, my friend she was struggling a lot when she was to give fill her entrance forms, college forms, and don’t know what all forms, just to get admission into a good college. The fight to grab a seat in a reputed college has become important. So, while you roam around in the heat and here and there, it is always better to pick footwear which keeps you comfortable, relaxed, and stylish. Canvas shoes are the best for such activities. And there is only one brand that comes to my mind is Converse. They have an amazing range of canvas shoes. They design shoes keeping in mind, what the people want. They target the youth of the company and design shoes which have vibrant colors and patterns.

They have a range in ankle-length shoes as well. I myself have two pairs of Converse shoes, one is ankle-length and the other one is a normal one. I feel very comfortable and cool in them. Since they are not made up leather, these shoes tend to keep your feet cool and relaxed. You can buy canvas shoes online from any store. All the stores have a good collection, and let me tell you one thing you can buy them at discounted prices as well from the online stores.

This season invests in Party Shoes!

October 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Parties and weddings are around the corner, we all are busy in selecting dresses for the occasion. In every wedding season, we all get many invitations from friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances. Every individual wishes to look best in the party which is why invests a large sum of money in dress and makeup. We all spend a hundreds and thousands of bucks to get the best outfit and get the perfect makeup done. But, most of the people neglect shoes and this should not be done. A classy and stylish pair of footwear can change your overall personality. It will add style and grace to your personality as well as compliments your outfit. If you don’t believe in investing money in expensive branded footwear, then try out this season.

Don’t forget to get a nice pair of party shoes for yourself and make sure the pair you purchase will complement your personality as well as outfit. Choose the stylish yet comfortable party footwear, otherwise you will feel discomfort and won’t be able to enjoy the party. There are many brands that offer stylish yet comfortable party shoes. Some of them are Inc.5, Catwalk, Delco, Miss Claire, Salt N Pepper, Miss Bennett, Hideisng, Jove, Aldo, Metro and Sleek. All these brands are easily available at retail stores as well as online stores. So, this season don’t forget to invest in party shoes!