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I Love To Wear Long Boots In Winters!

I just love winters for many reasons. I love the weather, winter clothes, winter food, and almost everything… I enjoy roaming out with friends, most of the people like sunlight in wintertime, but, I just enjoy whenever there is a fog. I just love the foggy weather, and prefer to wear long sweaters with leggings and long boots. I have a nice collection of footwear, you will find from ankle length boot to knee length boot, all in my wardrobe. I am a person, who is a little obsessed with a classy and stylish pair of shoes. When it comes to footwear, every person has different preferences. Some prefer to wear sports shoes for comfort, some love to wear high heels for elegance, and others love to wear boots for style as well as elegance.

When, I wear wearing a short dress, love to team it up with knee length boots with or without heel. On the other hand, I prefer wearing ankle length boots with heels, when I wear denim, or woolen leggings.  The brands that I prefer wearing are Clarks, Catwalk, Miss Sixty, and many other labels. Moreover, when it comes to footwear shopping, I prefer to shop at re-owned retail stores or online stores. I personally believe that people should always wear from famous brands. They hold our whole body weight and provide support to our feet; which is why, never ever neglect the importance of shoes.

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