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Catwalk slippers and a party dress!

October 23, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

It is my best friend’s wedding next week. I had been waiting for this day to come sooner as I get very excited about marriages any time. It feels like the most important day in any girl’s life and so I am on cloud nine thinking that my best friend is soon going to be a wife. Out of all this excitement, I have been checking things on my shopping list for many times a day. In fact, just yesterday I ordered a nice designer dress to wear on the occasion. It is beautiful red party dress which I just fell in love with, as soon as I set my eyes on it while browsing for latest women’s dresses online. I have also ordered two pairs of catwalk slippers, as I found them so irresistible. Catwalk has always been my favorite women’s footwear brand. Their range of women’s slippers is simply amazing with loads of designs and styles to choose from. Not just slippers, Catwalk also offers sandals, heels, shoes, boots, slip ons and thongs. With two types of footwear collection – Casual and Evening – Catwalk packs a great punch with a lot of style and class by offering a wide variety of women’s footwear for almost any occasion. With the two new pairs of Catwalk slippers, the collection of my footwear adds up to eighteen pairs, all unique and chic, nonetheless. With the affordability that catwalk offers, I might happen to purchase just dozens of footwear for myself over the time.

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