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Shopping for Diwali

October 29, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I had been looking for a pair of nice slippers for some weeks. I went into many stores and came out empty handed. I checked many international brands. Some were too expensive, some way to stylish and others so unattractive. Few of them even felt quite uncomfortable when I tried them. I like to wear ethnic dresses like kurtis, salwar suits and sarees. Slippers go well with these kinds of women’s apparels. One can also wear flat heels and designer footwear for women with jeans or skirt. Slippers are an obvious and stylish choice. After running from shop to shop, however, I could not decide on anything. Most importantly, since I keep buying women’s slippers every month, I wanted something which is offered at a reasonable price so that my budget does not fall apart. Perplexed over not having purchased slippers this month yet and Diwali almost two weeks away, I wanted a pair sooner. I called my best friend, which I usually do as whenever I get stuck. She told me that she had just ordered two pairs of Bata slippers for women two days back, from an online shopping portal. She said she liked them as much as her daughter did. I asked for the website link and instantly went on my computer. There were nice and affordable pairs of Bata slippers available for the Diwali season. I was glad. I ordered my choicest pair and started thinking about the next item on my wishlist.

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