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Tips for buying kids’ sports shoes!

November 23, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Choosing the sports shoes for your child with the right fit require you to consider a lot of factors. Wrong fit shoes put your child at risk for developing serious foot problems such as bunions. So, you should always try to find the best pair for your kid. When you’re in the footwear store to buy the latest pair of kids’ sports shoes, follow these simple buying tips:

Ask your child to try shoes with socks: As your child would never wear his sports shoes without socks, you should ask him to wear his socks while going to a footwear store. Ask the salesman to show sports-specific shoes so that you can make the best choice. Let your child try different pairs and keep the ones out that fit onto the feet of your child snugly.

Check the wiggle room: While your kid tries different pairs of shoes check the wiggle room, which is a half-inch area from the end of the longest toe to the end of the shoe. The presence of wiggle room ensures that your child would be able to move all his toes while wearing his sports shoes.

Ask your child to walk a little: Ask your child to walk a little while he tries different pairs as ultimately he would be running, jumping, and engage in all playful activities while wearing his shoes during the time of play. If he feels comfortable while walking in a pair of shoes, it makes the best pair for him.

Choose shoes made from a durable material: Footwear made from canvas, leather, and suede are considered more durable for little children. Shoes made from these breathable materials would help your child remain comfortable while wearing his shoes.

These are some simple points that should be considered while buying kids’ sports shoes so as to make a right choice with shoes for your child.

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